KORE and Unofficial Partner Launch Collaborative 6-Part Podcast Series on Sponsorship

5 February 2024

KORE, the premier provider of data intelligence solutions for sponsorship, sports and entertainment, is proud to announce an insightful collaboration with Unofficial Partner, the renowned sports business podcast. This partnership will unfold over a 6-part podcast series in 2024, focusing on the dynamic intricacies and challenges of sponsorship in the sports industry.

The series, hosted by Unofficial Partner, heralded for its deep-dive discussions and engaging commentary in the sports business realm, will provide a platform for nuanced conversations on all thing's sponsorship. KORE's extensive experience in powering data and insights that enhance partnership, customer and fan engagement strategies complements Unofficial Partner's narrative style, promising a series rich in insights and industry know-how.

Series Highlights:

  • Exploring Sponsorship Challenges: The podcasts will address common and complex challenges brands face in managing sponsorships, offering insights and solutions.
  • Engaging and Informative Discussions: The series promises a blend of entertaining and informative dialogue, shedding light on effective sponsorship solutions and creative strategies.
  • Expert Testimonials: Gain valuable insights from industry leaders, such as MoneyGram's David Paro, discussing their experiences and strategies in high-profile sponsorships like Formula One.

Inaugural Episode Details:

The series will kick off with David Paro, Head of Global Partnerships at MoneyGram International, and will be available on February 6th, 2024. Listeners can access the episode at unofficalpartner.com or find it on popular podcast platforms under 'Unofficial Partner'.

KORE's Contributions:

While the series will broadly cover various aspects of sports sponsorship, KORE's innovative tools and how they assist in refining sponsorship strategies will be an undercurrent in the discussions. KORE's expertise in the field will provide valuable context to the conversations, showcasing how data intelligence can enhance sports sponsorship decisions.