Iowa adds Tigerhawk logo to midfield of Kinnick Stadium for first time

7 July 2017

Iowa football is getting fancy! The program announced last month that it would paint its Tigerhawk logo at midfield of Kinnick Stadium. The addition of the logo coincides with the installation of new FieldTurf that is part of the early stages of renovating the 88-year-old stadium.

And without further ado, here it is in all of its glory:

It looks pretty sharp, doesn’t it? This is the first time Iowa has had a midfield logo since 1980, when the school used block “I” logo from 1972-1980. The Tigerhawk was brought to the school by coach Hayden Fry and became the school’s national brand logo in 1979. In its current placement on the field, the logo faces “north to south between the 45-yardlines, so that television cameras will show the logo facing left to right.”

The addition of the Tigerhawk prompted a few other changes:

With the Tigerhawk at midfield, the north end zone will now feature the familiar IOWA, without the Tigerhawk. The south end zone will continue to display “Hawkeyes” and will not change. The end zone surface will remain black, with the lettering in each end zone in gold featuring the Hawkeye Font of Iowa Athletics. Also in the Hawkeye Font will be the yard line numbers on the east and west side of the field.

“The passion for the Tigerhawk is amazing. Wherever you go in the state, across the country, or throughout the world, when you wear the logo on your shirt, a friendly ‘Go Hawks’ shout is inevitable,” said athletic director Gary Barta. “The current Kinnick Stadium renovation provided an opportunity to add the Tigerhawk to the field. It will provide another great touch to an already iconic stadium.”

We’ll get our first game view of the Tigerhawk logo when Iowa hosts Wyoming on Sept. 2. That game, which features touted NFL prospect Josh Allen at quarterback for the Cowboys, is among Dr. Saturday’s top 20 non-conference games to look forward to in 2017.

The entire Kinnick renovation, called the “Kinnick Edge” project, will ultimately replace the north end zone stands after the 2017 season.