Iowa adding midfield logo on new turf in Kinnick Stadium

13 June 2017

Iowa is spending the offseason doing some yard work at Kinnick Stadium. The school is ripping up the turf in the football stadium and replacing ti with a fresh coat. When the grass is settled, Iowa will add one new element to the paint job once the lines start to go down; a midfield logo.

The look of the new field design was shared by Iowa today. In typical Iowa fashion, nothing is too over-the-top and outlandish with the new look. The endzones read “Iowa” and “Hawkeyes” in gold lettering on a black background. The Big Ten logo appears on the 25-yard lines and the yard numbers look to be in italics. But that midfield logo is a nice touch to round it all out.

It’s a nice subtle addition that should look good once the fresh coat of paint dries for the fall. I almost wonder how it would look if the midfield logo was bigger. As is, the Iowa logo settles in between the hash marks. Going too much bigger might look silly, but it would certainly be fun to look at.

From a design standpoint, I’m a big fan of the midfield logo. More schools should have a midfield logo on their field.