Hornell stadium lights installed, ready to shine

4 August 2018

Hornell’s brand new stadium lights are expected to get a dress rehearsal next week, as school district staff begin learning the ins and outs of the new system ahead of the fall sports seasons.

District officials said some staff will be trained on the lights next Thursday evening, Aug. 9. The training should be a good opportunity to gauge the light improvement in the new system.

The previous stadium lighting system was 25 years old, officials said, and was plagued by frequent maintenance issues, system failures and energy inefficiencies. The engineering company that studied the lights called their condition “a big problem,” with the overall lighting at the main athletics “failing.”

The school board in May awarded a $174,490 contract to Nelcorp Electrical Contract Inc. to install the new lighting system. The project is utilizing the existing light poles, which were certified as still usable by LaBella Associates, DPC.

In its Aug. 1 report to the Hornell Board of Education, Welliver, the construction manager for the school district’s capital projects, said the “new stadium lights arrived onsite and were installed the week of July 23.”

The Welliver report continued, “Work on the stadium lights will be substantially complete the week of Aug. 6. Work will still need to be completed on the stadium canopy lights and interior multi purpose room lights. This work will be completed before the start of the school year.”

One material delivery issue is the new transformers for the lights, Welliver said.

“The current transformers are working as designed but are being replaced as proactive maintenance. As soon as the new transformers arrive they will be tested and install will be coordinate(d) so there is no disruption to the school,” the report said.


Source: eveningtribune.com