Groundbreaking marks start of construction on Hawk stadium

13 October 2017

The Galt Joint Union High School District (GJUHSD) broke ground Monday, Oct. 9 on the Liberty Ranch High School field improvement project.

Set with a backdrop of large construction vehicles, including earth movers, Trustee Angela DaPrato was emcee for the event and introduced local dignitaries who were in attendance.

After the Galt Liberty Unified Ensemble played the national anthem, speakers took turn at the podium.

Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli addressed guests, calling it a special day.

“Today is a special day,” Nottoli said. “I wanted to compliment the board of trustees and certainly the district administrators and principal and all of you students and your teachers, and certainly the voters in this district. I think it’s safe to say that this field, and all the surrounding area, will never look the same from this day forward. In a few months from now, I’m sure we will be able to join together for a dedication so that not only your football team and other athletic teams and your cheer group, but certainly the community will have another outstanding facility to compliment others.”

Galt Mayor Mark Crews congratulated the district and community on behalf of the city, and expressed his excitement in the new facility completion.

“I am looking forward to major events in this stadium and, more importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing this entire school part of this city.”

Crews was referring to the Eastview annexation project that is waiting for LAFCo approval. When approved, the annexation will finally bring Liberty Ranch into the city limits.

With a mighty cheer from the audience, Liberty Ranch Principal Joe Saramago addressed the guests.

“It’s exciting for me, it’s exciting for the community to see this project finally get off the ground,” Saramago said. “With the artificial field, the all-weather track, grandstands, lights, we’re really looking forward to truly coming home and being able to host events here at Liberty Ranch High School.”

Saramago also acknowledged that none of this could happen without the community’s support.

“We thank you for your support, we appreciate you voting for Measure E and making this all happen,” Saramago said.

ASB President Hannah Rowles addressed guests.

“It’s happening, it’s finally happening. Liberty Ranch High School will have its very own football stadium,” Rowles said. “We, and by we I mean the students, all thought it would never happen, but here we are on Oct. 9, 2017 about to commence the start of something new.”

Rowles went on to express her excitement about ending her senior year with a completed football stadium and that next year’s seniors will be able to enjoy their football games in the new stadium.

“Words can’t explain just how excited I am to be able to return to Liberty for its very first homecoming football game as an alumni in our new home,” Rowles said.

Trustees Mathew Pratton and Terry Parker Owning also expressed their appreciation for the community support received by approving Measure E.

DaPrato briefly spoke about other projects being funded by the bond, such as renovated classrooms, unsafe portables removal from the Galt High campus and updated technology at both high schools.

“There are things in the works, but you’re just not able to see it,” DaPrato said. “This is the first project that we’re able to see, see how the progress goes and celebrate at the end. So thank you very much voters for passing Measure E.”

The field is being built with funds acquired through Measure E, which was passed last November. The district budgeted just over $6 million of the $36 million bond for the project, which will include bleachers, turf field, all-weather track and lights.

Rowles summed up the new facility best.

“Here at Liberty Ranch, our motto is Ohana; with this new beginning, our family has a place to call home,” Rowles said. “A place were alumni, parents, community members, students, coaches and staff can come together for Friday night lights, soccer games, track meets and special events. With this new stadium, our athletes are given an even better opportunity to grow and become better athletes. The “Goblin Section” will have its very own forever nest. Mr. Schroeder’s voice will be the sound of home, many talented athletes will be made on this field, the band will wow us with their amazing performances and the cheerleaders will continue to kill it at halftime. I am honored to be representing the student body this morning and sharing our excitement for this new beginning. And remember, we are Liberty Ranch.”