Families, Friends, Competitors Attend Two of the World’s Largest Shooting Sports Events

30 August 2023

As August celebrates National Shooting Sports Month, it's an ideal occasion to highlight the remarkable achievements of two of the world's largest shooting sports events.

The 2023 Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) National Championship, spanning from July 7 to 15, witnessed fierce competition from over 3,100 of the nation's finest young shooters, representing 37 states. Held annually at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH, the SCTP National Championship not only serves as a platform for intense competition but also fosters a positive shooting sports environment where friends and families can bond over quality time together.

Concluding on August 12, the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) 124th Annual Grand American Trapshooting Championships, hosted at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL, attracted over 3,000 participants during its 10-day run. The Grand American Trapshooting Championships extend beyond being merely a competition; they embody a celebration of the shooting sports. With its inception dating back to 1900, the Grand American resonates with historical significance, highlighting how shooting sports have remained a popular recreational activity for well over a century.

Jason Gilbertson, the Director of Marketing for Shoot United, emphasized, "The shooting sports have a positive impact on millions of lives annually. These two events brought together individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. This diversity is what sets the shooting sports apart; it's an activity that is accessible to everyone. Shooting sports participation is on the rise, particularly at the high school level. At Shoot United, we're enthusiastic about continuing to provide opportunities for people to learn and engage."

The 7th annual National Shooting Sports Month, organized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), takes place this August. The initiative aims to encourage involvement in the shooting sports while emphasizing firearms safety. National Shooting Sports Month serves as a reminder of the enjoyment and thrill associated with target shooting. Regardless of whether someone is an experienced shooter, a hunter, or a newcomer looking to acquire their first firearm, August is the perfect time to head to the shooting range and embark on a shooting journey. For those unable to make it to the range, the NSSF's +ONE Movement offers a fantastic chance to introduce a family member or friend to the shooting sports during your next range visit.


Source: businesswire.com