Evolution Optiks Partners with John McEnroe Tennis Academy to Develop Neuro Fitness Training Wearable

22 August 2023

Evolution Optiks Limited has announced a strategic collaboration with the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) through its division OcuRay. This partnership aims to integrate cutting-edge light field technology into elite training methods, resulting in the development of an advanced neuro fitness training wearable designed to revolutionize tennis training.

While traditional sports training has historically emphasized physical fitness, nutrition, and psychology, recent research has highlighted the pivotal role of vision in athletic performance. Over 80% of sensory input in sports is visual, underscoring the significance of dynamic vision skills and neuro-visual processing for top athletes. The complex demands of tennis, such as processing information about ball trajectory, opponent position, and net distance within seconds, necessitate the precise coordination of numerous neuro-visual skills. OcuRay's FalconFrames™ technology aims to optimize these skills.

Dr. Anne Reuter, an esteemed neuro-optometrist specializing in athletic vision performance and JMTA's official sports vision doctor, emphasized the importance of vision skills in athletic and academic endeavors. She anticipates that FalconFrames will introduce new possibilities for athletes at all levels, enhancing their overall performance.

FalconFrames is an ultralight, vision-based wearable developed through extensive light field innovation. It integrates gaze-tracking to analyze eye movement and employs dynamic linear light field technology with retina-tracking guide lights to provide real-time visual cues. The device seamlessly interfaces with a smartphone app, offering preset training routines, progressive challenges, goal setting, performance tracking, and even coaching guidance. This innovative technology seeks to bridge the gap between physical training and optimal athletic performance by enhancing the connection between eyes, brain, and body.

Raul Mihali, President and CEO of Evolution Optiks, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with JMTA and the potential impact of FalconFrames. He noted that the technology could transform athletic training by focusing on the crucial link between vision and performance.

Bennett Schlansky, Senior Managing Director of JMTA, highlighted the potential of FalconFrames to enhance students' performance and underscored the importance of excellent vision skills in developing complete players.

The John McEnroe Tennis Academy, founded in 2010, is renowned for its commitment to nurturing talented young athletes and enhancing their performance. The collaboration with Evolution Optiks promises to integrate cutting-edge technology into their training programs, further enriching their offerings.

Evolution Optiks Limited, established in 2014, specializes in light field technology and aims to lead in digital innovation across various sectors. Its focus areas include vision-adapted and multi-view displays, optometry tools, and light field display solutions with potential applications in consumer solutions, advertising, medicine, automotive, and avionics.


Source: prnewswire.com