Dragon Seats Partners with Kinematic Company, Debuting New Sideline Shade System: Dragon ShadERâ„¢

8 May 2024

Dragon Seats™, the leading manufacturer of heated and cooling benches used across the NFL, NCAA and other sporting and experiential events, is pleased to announce it has entered a strategic partnership with Kinematic Company a sports equipment manufacturer best known for its innovative SidelinER® medical privacy tents. This exclusive collaboration marks the debut of the newest solution to maximize player health and safety on the sideline: Dragon ShadER™.

"Our partnership with Kinematic grew from our shared vision to advance player health and safety, and a belief that we can always do more to improve our sideline offerings," says Franklin Floyd, COO of Dragon Seats. "The Kinematic team has shown excellence in all that they do, and we're excited for this partnership that will combine climate-controlled benches and Dragon ShadERs to maximize player health and safety on sidelines across the country."

Dragon ShadER is an adjustable, overhead shade system designed to provide weather protection from all elements ranging from the sun's harsh rays to rain, sleet, and snow. Dragon ShadER™ is designed to connect with Dragon Seats' existing climate-controlled benches without the need for tools and packs flat for easy transportation. Recently showcased at The University of Alabama's spring football game in April, Dragon ShadER™ received high praise for its effectiveness and design from players, athletic trainers, and coaches alike.

Manufactured by Kinematic in their US-based facility, Dragon ShadER™ meets all required specifications for height and width as mandated by sports conferences. Constructed from high-quality aluminum and featuring a UV-inhibiting, tear-resistant vinyl top, Dragon ShadER™ ensures durability and reliability while also offering customization to match team colors.

"Dragon Seats' benches and Kinematic's privacy tents have coexisted on NFL and college sidelines for years now, so we're thrilled to be able to combine our strengths and offer the best sideline solutions possible," says Patrick Powell, CEO of Kinematic. "To perform at your peak on the field, you need to take care of yourself off the field, and that includes the time between series on the sidelines. Dragon ShadER™ is just one more step forward in our shared mission of advancing player health and safety."

Dragon Seats has already secured commitments from over a dozen NCAA and NFL programs to implement Dragon ShadER™ for their spring and summer training sessions, as well as the 2024 football season. Dragon ShadER™ will be particularly valuable in regions where temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dragon ShadER™ complements Dragon Seats' cooling bench technology helping to further reduce the potential risks of heat related illnesses.

Dragon ShadER™ is available for order now, just in time for the upcoming peak summer sports seasons. Teams looking to add this essential equipment to their sidelines can contact Dragon Seats at [email protected].