D.c.'s First Professional aTeam, D.c. Pickleball Team Donate Professional Level Pickleball Paddles To The University Of Maryland Pickleball Club

26 April 2023

D.C. Pickleball Team an expansion team of Major League Pickleball and D.C.'s newest professional sports team, announced a partnership with the University of Maryland Pickleball Club.

DCPT joined MLP ahead of the 2023 season that began January 26th in Mesa, Arizona. Like the other high-profile investor backed teams that have joined MLP, DCPT's ownership group includes Al Tylis, Sam Porter, Eva Longoria, Justin Verlander, Kate Upton, Rip Hamilton, Shawn Marion, Odell Beckham Jr. and Mesut Ozil.

D.C. Pickleball Team will donate professional level pickleball equipment including JOOLA pickleball paddles to the University of Maryland Pickleball Club. DCPT aims to unite communities through the accessible sport of pickleball, and to help grow and elevate the sport in every way possible. When DCPT learned of the club's mission to give students the opportunity to learn and play the sport of pickleball, meet new people, and stay active on campus there was immediate interest in helping support the club's mission.

 "D.C. Pickleball Team is grateful for the opportunity to donate professional level JOOLA paddles to the University of Maryland Pickleball Club," says Adam Behnke, Chief Operating Officer of D.C. Pickleball Team. "We were inspired by the club's enthusiasm for the sport from the first time we connected and appreciate their commitment to bringing pickleball to the University of Maryland campus. We look forward to seeing the players take their game to the next level with the new paddles and supporting both the game and their club."

"We can't thank D.C. Pickleball Team enough for supporting our club and helping us improve our pickleball games with professional level equipment," says Sydney Skalka, President of UMD Pickleball Club. "We appreciate what D.C. Pickleball Team and their ownership group brings to our pickleball loving community and can't wait to cheer them on in their first Major League Pickleball season."

For more information about D.C. Pickleball Team, visit dcpickleballteam.com and follow them on social media:

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