Dallas Cowboys Make Hellas Construction Official Turf Provider

2 December 2017

After an illustrious 10-year relationship between Hellas Construction and the Dallas Cowboys, supporting AT&T Stadium, the most sophisticated and largest football venue in the world, Hellas Construction's contract has been renewed for another 10 years as the Official Turf Provider of the Dallas Cowboys.

Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President said, "The Cowboys are proud to partner with Hellas for another 10 years. They not only have the best turf on the market but the best people. Whenever we need them, they are there, no matter the project."

"We at Hellas are looking forward to 2018, and providing the Cowboys with the most innovative and advanced removable field ever made," said Hellas President Reed J. Seaton. "It has been a great decade of sports on our Matrix turf and I look forward continuing our partnership with the Cowboys organization."

Because Hellas manufactures their own synthetic turf, they have the ability to customize processes and product systems to the unique specifications for specific venues, like AT&T Stadium. The Matrix SoftTop™ Convertible Turf System allows the stadium to host a variety of events to maximize revenue. Installation and removal of the synthetic turf fields can be completed in 24-40 hours. The removable system consists of 41 interchangeable panels that can be custom made for any event, which increases flexibility, protects the turf, and gives the additional option to customize the turf for each event with the interchangeable panels and logos. Special trademarked logos are used for the Cotton Bowl games, college games, and soccer games at the stadium.

Seaton said, "Because of the number and variety of concerts, games, and events that take place at the stadium, a regular turf system wouldn't work. We designed one specifically for them."

Several universities have selected the same convertible turf system, like University of Idaho's Kibbie Dome and Northern Arizona University's J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome. With the SoftTop Convertible Turf System, the Kibbie Dome and Skydome have 12-month training capabilities for a variety of sports and events. When the turf is removed the Skydome can have the eight sprinting lanes with the infield containing enough area for six NCAA-standard basketball and volleyball courts, as well as two regulation tennis courts. The Kibbie Dome can host basketball games, track and field, and tennis all indoors.

Hellas Construction raises the standard in sports surfacing with its high quality, durable, and reliable synthetic turf and product innovations. Hellas offers the best turf, by using the best components to manufacture its Matrix turf including the use of only top quality C8 resins from Dow Chemical Company® to manufacture its durable fibers that are used to make its Matrix® Turf. Hellas manufactures more than 80% of the products they use in all their projects, ensuring precise quality control and timely delivery.

Jones said, "We wouldn't trust any other company for our turf. When people think of the Cowboys, they think of that beautiful blue star and that beautiful Matrix Turf field. The Cowboys and Hellas make a great team."


Source: prnewswire.com