Classic Turf Company, LLC. Builds New Tennis Facility at the University of New Haven

21 February 2017

n the fall of 2015, the University of New Haven (UNH) in Connecticut had three asphalt tennis courts that had fallen into disrepair, rendering them unplayable. In preparation for the spring tennis season, the school recruited the Classic Turf Company, LLC. to design a new tennis facility for its students.

After surveying the area, the team at Classic Turf developed a plan to build a six-court facility to replace the existing three courts. Rather than building the new courts with conventional clay or asphalt, Classic Turf wanted to use a more modern, especially durable material that would last for decades rather than just a few years. To achieve this goal, the company opted to use post-tension concrete—a state-of-the-art type of concrete that is reinforced with steel cables to make it more robust and resistant to environmental damage.

“The goal was to build a facility for the university that would last for decades to come,” said Classic Turf’s Vice President John Eren.

Classic Turf started the renovation by removing the existing three courts, and re-grading the land to accommodate the new courts. Then, a second upper area was also graded to make room for three more courts. After paving the six courts with post-tension concrete, Classic Turf applied its patented Cushioned Sports Surface to make the courts waterproof, safe and comfortable for tennis players. Finally, new custom seamless fencing and lighting was installed around the perimeter of the entire facility.

The first match at the new tennis facility was held on April 16, 2016. Since then, the facility has become the permanent home of the New Haven Chargers tennis team, as well as a welcome new addition to the campus for amateur tennis enthusiasts.

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