Chargers Like Stadium Better Than New Turf

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

The Vikings have their own thoughts about U.S. Bank Stadium. So does their first opponent in the new digs, the San Diego Chargers.

Several Chargers were asked after Sunday's 23-10 exhibition loss to the Vikings what they thought of the spanking new stadium, particularly its turf field.

Two of the Chargers were injured during the game, and one of them, running back Branden Oliver, suffered a torn Achilles' tendon. Oliver waved off the Pioneer Press in the locker room, where his lower leg was in a protective boot, but others piped up about the stadium and the field.

Running back Melvin Gordon: "It's amazing. It's a wonderful stadium. The field was good. Didn't have too many problems with it. It was slippery. It will take a (few) games for the turf to lay down. Being on it for the first time, we ran into a couple of problems. I think after five or six games it will be perfect. It's just new. It has to be broken in a little bit. When I caught the ball, I kind of got stuck (in the turf) a little bit. It's high. It's got to get matted down."

Wide receiver Keenan Allen: "I thought the stadium was nice. The field was new, so it will take breaking in. It was mushy. It will firm up."

Nose tackle Brandon Mebane: "I thought it was a nice stadium—reminded me of Indy's a little bit. Nice locker room. Everything was good. Everything was solid."

Running back Danny Woodhead: "It's a very cool stadium. They obviously did a lot to it. It looks great. There are different things that remind you of other stadiums. Maybe the windows remind you of Indy. I didn't notice anything (about the turf). I didn't have any problems with it."

Punter Drew Kaser: "The stadium is awesome. It really is one of the best facilities in the NFL. I felt the field needs to get broken in a little more. There was a great atmosphere out there, great fans. Minnesota deserves something like that. I was joking around with our long snapper on the sidelines. I said I really wanted the first punt in the stadium and I got it. I felt that was pretty cool. The field was a little slick. It doesn't affect me as much as other people. I take two steps and punt the ball."

Outside linebacker Melvin Ingram: "Great stadium. Real nice stadium. The turf was slick. It's brand new. It's supposed to be. The more they play on it, better it will get."

Free safety Dwight Lowery: "It's a nice stadium, for sure. It reminds me a little bit of New York's, from a visitor's perspective. How it lays out and looks. A little bit Indianapolis, too. Those are the two I've been to that it reminds me of. The field needs to be broken in. The first thing I noticed when we got here (Saturday to practice on it) was that the field was a little bit unpredictable. There hasn't been much action on it. It's an NFL game, and guys are getting action on it. It'll firm up. The more you play on it, the better it will get."


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