Cashing Out Courtside: Gen Z Ranks Basketball as Most Preferred Betting Sport

15 November 2023

In the past year, 43% of Generation Z has placed a sports wager according to a new online survey about sports betting by Drive Research – with a quarter placing a sports bet at least once a week (25%).

The survey data collected from over 450 sports bettors across the U.S. reveals unique perspectives and preferences of Gen Z, solidifying their status as a formidable and growing force in the industry as more states legalize mobile betting.

For instance, 59% of Gen Z respondents expressed a strong preference for placing wagers on basketball, marking an impressive 11% increase compared to the national survey data. With the college basketball and NBA season underway, sports betting sites are poised to capitalize on this trend, providing a unique opportunity for operators to cater to this dynamic and enthusiastic demographic.

Unlike Millennial and Gen X sports bettors who prefer live bets, Gen Z prefers single-game bets such as money lines and spreads. This new data exceeds national survey data, which reported a slightly lower percentage of 26%.

George Kuhn, Owner and President of Drive Research, emphasized, "Understanding the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z is pivotal in shaping the future of sports betting. This generation represents a significant market force, and catering to their unique needs and interests will be instrumental in the success of sports betting platforms."

To uncover more 2023 sports betting insights and trends, the report is available for download on the Drive Research website.