BSN Sports Donates $275,000 Worth Of Sporting Goods Equipment To Beat The Streets' Youth Wrestling Initiative

21 December 2023

BSN SPORTS, a direct marketer and distributor of highly customized sporting goods and fanwear to the institutional sporting goods market, and a division of Varsity Brands, donated sporting goods equipment to Beat the Streets, a sports-based youth development nonprofit organization. The retail value of the equipment equates to $275,000.

Beat the Streets fosters youth development for student-athletes in underserved communities through mentoring and life guidance taught in quality wrestling programs. The nonprofit serves nearly 10,000 male and female youth and enriches their lives in sports, school, and the community.

"We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to uplift young athletes and make a positive difference in their lives," said Terry Babilla, President of BSN SPORTS. "BSN SPORTS' donation to Beat the Streets is not just about ensuring wrestlers have the right resources to win on the mat, but it's also about inspiring at-risk youth and reassuring them that they can win in life, too."

The product donation's monetary value surpasses Beat the Streets' national fundraising goal of $100,000 through its annual GearUp! initiative, which launched in September. The donation fulfilled the organization's immediate need and allows the nonprofit to focus its fundraising efforts on securing more gear to ensure every athlete receives what he or she needs to succeed and deserves.

"Studies have shown that children living in poverty are six times more likely to quit athletic pursuits due to the costs associated with gear and resources, and we are grateful to BSN SPORTS for its generosity and commitment to serving our young athletes," said Ben Reiter, Executive Director of Beat the Streets. "Providing necessary gear supports our existing athletes and allows us to open doors to new participants. A donation of this magnitude lets our athletes know people and organizations care about their well-being and helps them build up their confidence the next time they step on the mat."