BrandONE Adds Soccer 5® USA to Growing Portfolio

28 February 2024

BrandONE, the premier franchise growth and development consultancy in America, is excited to announce the addition of Soccer 5® USA, the leading small-sided soccer fields experience in the U.S., to its portfolio. The strategic partnership comes as Soccer 5® anticipates explosive growth heading into the 2026 FIFA World Cup, with games taking place in 11 U.S. cities.

Bringing Compact Soccer Variation to the U.S.

Soccer 5® was co-founded by Alan Georgeson and his two sons, Scott and Jack. Today, Scott serves as the President, leading the company, while Jack leads the franchising arm of Soccer 5® as the Director of Business Development. Born and raised in Scotland, the three witnessed firsthand the popularity and explosive growth of small-sided soccer – a modified version of traditional soccer played with fewer players on a smaller field– and saw the immense potential for the specialty soccer alternative to thrive in the states. After the Georgeson family moved to the U.S. in 2008, they opened their first Soccer 5® USA location in 2010. Today, the brand has six locations in Florida with plans to continue expanding across the country.

"We saw small-sided soccer surge in popularity across the UK and recognized an opportunity to introduce the sport to the U.S. market," Scott said. "We're thrilled that BrandONE saw the same potential in our model. They have a strong history in growing brands significantly and responsibly and we look forward to our own continued growth through this valuable partnership."

Encouraging Community Engagement and Inclusivity

Small-sided soccer games typically involve teams of five players, on a shorter field with smaller goals. This format increases players' involvement in the game and interactions with the soccer ball, while allowing for greater opportunities for skill development. Additionally, small-sided soccer promotes inclusivity by accommodating players of varying skill levels and physical attributes, making it a more accessible and enjoyable experience for participants of all ages and abilities.

"When the Georgesons came to us with their Soccer 5® USA brand, we immediately knew they'd be a perfect addition to our portfolio," said Dave Schaefers, Partner and Chief Development Officer for BrandONE. "Even more than simply a fun concept with a promising path for growth – particularly as soccer is the single-most popular sport in the world – Soccer 5® serves as a unique gathering place for communities, encouraging fans of all ages to be active and socialize in a healthy way. Together, we look forward to bringing the joy of soccer to even more neighborhoods, strengthening communities along the way."

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