BIG3's All-Star Game Adds Jaylen Brown to London Game at the O2 Arena

28 August 2023

Jaylen Brown Confirmed to Shine at BIG3 All-Star Game in London, UK, Augmenting Charitable Efforts

Set against the iconic backdrop of the O2 Arena in London, UK, on Saturday, August 26th, basketball prodigy Jaylen Brown is poised to captivate fans in the highly anticipated BIG3 All-Star Game. Brown's participation extends beyond the court, as he is leveraging the event to support a local charitable cause close to his heart—London Youth.

London Youth, an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of the city's youth through an array of community initiatives, has garnered Brown's fervent endorsement. In an embodiment of his commitment to social causes, Brown's participation in the BIG3 All-Star Game will be underpinned by a charitable endeavor. His donation to London Youth will be augmented by a matching contribution from BIG3, amplifying the impact of this collaboration and spreading awareness about the global issues that Brown ardently supports.

Off the court, Brown's unwavering dedication to community upliftment is palpable. His brainchild, the Bridge Program, emerges as a beacon of his long-term vision. This learning and leadership initiative, nurtured by his 7uice Foundation, is dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of science and technology from traditionally marginalized minority communities. This program serves as a testament to Brown's commitment to fostering the growth of the next generation of leaders, while championing diversity and equality.

As Jaylen Brown steps onto the court for the BIG3 All-Star Game, he simultaneously reinforces his commitment to making a difference beyond the arena. With a heart dedicated to bettering lives and empowering the youth, Brown exemplifies the spirit of a true athlete-activist.

The festivities will be aired on CBS at 12:00PM ET with the All-Star Game at 6:00PM BST and the Championship following at 7:00PM BST. 

Upcoming CBS airing schedule below:
12:00 pm EST – Celebrity Game
1:00 pm EST – All Star Game
2:00 pm EST – Championship Game