BeONE Sports and MobiDev Partnered to Launch an AI Comparative Training Platform

27 December 2023

Sports tech start-up BeONE Sports and software engineering company MobiDev have joined forces to launch an AI-powered comparative training platform. The innovative solution leverages cutting-edge human pose estimation technology to elevate athlete performance.

Athletes use this first-of-its-kind platform to receive real-time feedback and personalized training insights. The BeONE Sports and MobiDev partnership changes the game by providing athletes with a data-driven approach to training.

For the first time, the opportunity to train together with elite athletes, receiving immediate expert feedback on every rep, has become globally available without requiring additional costs.

"We are thrilled to provide this revolutionary platform to athletes worldwide. Coaches and athletes now have an AI-based tool they need to get the most out of every training session. MobiDev is our official partner that helps embody ideas for improving sports training into a user-friendly software product," said Scott Deans, Founder & CEO at BeONE Sports.

How AI Comparative Training Platform Works:

Athletes use the BeONE Sports mobile app for their training sessions.
HPE technology identifies key body points and tracks movement patterns.
The AI engine compares the athlete's form to a database of perfect repetitions performed by elite athletes.
Athletes receive real-time feedback on their form, highlighting areas for improvement and personalized training recommendations.
Due to the BeONE Sports mobile app, users obtain improved performance, reduce the risk of injury, increase motivation, and enjoy democratic access to elite coaching.

"The BeONE Sports AI Comparative Training platform is a breakthrough product that we continue to develop by fundraising. However, by downloading our mobile application, anyone can count on the help of the best BOS athletes and artificial intelligence technologies in their training.

MobiDev is an impressive organization in all aspects of software development. Building our platform was a great start to a long, exciting journey," Scott Deans added.

"We are proud to partner with BeONE Sports to develop this game-changing platform. We are happy to help visionaries of various domains implement advanced ideas into apps popular among users. MobiDev's software development expertise reinforced BeONE Sports' product vision," said Oleg Lola, Founder & CEO at MobiDev.

BeONE Sports is an advanced sports training technology start-up.

MobiDev is a global software engineering company with more than 14 years of experience, specializing in mobile and web applications driven by AI, IoT, and AR.