Belfry Football Kicks off field turf fundraiser

25 June 2018

The Belfry High School football team and the Belfry Athletic Facility Boosters officially announced on Thursday evening that they were beginning their fundraising event to replace the field-turf on the football field at CAM Stadium after this upcoming season.

The turf on CAM Stadium, which opened in 2005, is nearing the end of its life expectancy and will need to be replaced after the upcoming season. The Athletic Facility Boosters committee devised a plan for people to contribute to the new turf and making the contribution an investment in the purchase and installation of the new turf.

“We are officially begging our fundraising for our new turf at Belfry High School, tentatively scheduled to go in in the year 2019,” coach Philip Haywood said. “We’ve got 12 months maybe 13 months to do this, and it will take some large contributions and efforts in the community, but the average person can help support this program.”

The way you can invest in the new turf is by choosing any number of turf yards on the field at any location of your choosing. The price of the turf varies depending on which part of the field you decide to invest in.

Upon completion of the turf, an investor would receive a 7 x 7 section of the old turf being replaced, a Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership of the old and new turf, and a recorded history of the success the football teams experienced on the old turf field. A diagram of the new football field will be provided showing you the location of your investment.

The football field has been dissected into square yards and allotted to various sections of the field. These yards, depending on their location of the field, will have different denominations; such as $500 per yard in the End Zone, $400 per yard in the Red Zone (20-yard line to end zone), $300 per yard in the White Zone (40-yard line to 20-yard line), $600 per yard in the Pirate Zone (40-yard line to 40-yard line), and $200 per yard for any turf located outside the sidelines of the playing field.

The estimated total needed to install the new turf in around $400,000, which is about 65 percent of the cost the previous time around. The Boosters committee already has $31,000 committed to the installation of the new turf.-

As was the case when the Pirates installed the turf 13 years ago, the contribution would be tax deductible. Investors can mail their payment in to the BHS Athletic Facility Boosters, C/O Kevin Varney, P.O. Box 381, Belfry, Kentucky 41514. You can make payments by credit card or check and payment plans would be available upon request.

Since moving to the field from the Old Vipperman Stadium following the 2004 season, the Pirates have saw success on the field that the program has never seen before. Over the past 12 years the Pirates have a record of 89-12 overall at home and have only lost multiple home games to two teams over that span, Johnson Central and Henry Clay. They have been to the State Championship game 8 out of the 12 years, including winning four straight Class AAA State Championships from 2013 to 2016.

The Pirates open the season at CAM Stadium again this year in the annual Pike County Bowl against West Virginia power the Huntington Highlanders on August 24. The Highlanders defeated the Pirates 45-34 in last year’s Pike County Bowl.