Atalanta buy stadium rights

11 May 2017

Atalanta have won the tender for the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia, the club now owning all of the rights to their own stadium.

Only two bids were received in the sealed envelope process, one from Atalanta and the other from Albinoleffe.

La Dea President Antonio Percassi put in an offer of 10% more than the starting price, a total of €8.6m. The other offer from Albinoleffe was not considered appropriate.

Atalanta now have total control of their own stadium and as a condition of the sale, the club will have to deal to redevelop the existing stadium and surrounding areas.

This will mean redevelopment of the stands in order to make the stadium fit for European competition from 2018/19. Due to the fact the Bergamaschi have qualified for the Europa League, they will have to play their home games in next season’s competition at Sassuolo’s Mapei Stadium.

“The Atleti Azzurri d'Italia is owned by Atalanta,” an official statement read. “The outcome of the bids for the Bergamo stadium was recorded this morning, when the Commission from the city of Bergamo opened the envelopes received before 12:30 pm last Monday.

"Atalanta raised the starting price of €7.8m, then winning the most important sports facility in the city of Bergamo for the figure of €8.6m. The administration had decided in recent months to sell the stadium to be able to see it modernised.

"The notice provides for the submission of an implementation plan by the winner within six months of opening the envelopes and the subsequent overall stadium redevelopment within 6 years."