AstroTurf Provides Removable Field Solution to The University of Northern Iowa

28 April 2017

The UNI-Dome will have a different look this fall with the installation of a new artificial turf surface by AstroTurf® that will feature a custom-made field design for the UNI Panthers.

The bid was awarded to AstroTurf for the project on Feb. 20. The installation process for the AstroTurf Conversion Panel System will begin May 11, 2017 with a completion date slated for mid-July. The surface will be made of PureGrass® with Armacell® pad. The surface measures over 77,000 square feet and will come in 26 rollable panels and will be secured by a Velcro® system. There will be no infill required for the new surface. The conversion time for the new turf will be eight hours to install and four hours to roll up.

“The surface you play on is one of the most important elements in college football,” UNI Head Football Coach Mark Farley said. “The investment in the new turf is an indication to the commitment of UNI to its student-athletes.”

The total cost of the new turf will be approximately $900,000. The project is being paid for through a restricted use internal account that is available to address facility needs.

“We are pleased with the product that AstroTurf will supply for our use in the UNI-Dome,” UNI Director of Athletics David Harris said. First and foremost it will be a safe and playable surface for our football program and for Iowa High School state playoff games. The well-being of student-athletes is always at the forefront of our decisions at UNI.”

The new surface will feature the UNI logo with an outline of the state of Iowa shaded at mid-field. The end zones will be shaded in purple and showcase a Panther head logo as well as the phrasing PANTHERS. The area outside the field and the coaching boxes will be purple.

“AstroTurf is honored to provide a removable field solution to the University of Northern Iowa. These conversion systems afford clients more utility for indoor stadia with the ability to put down and roll up an entire collegiate football field in a matter of hours,” noted AstroTurf President Troy Squires.

Each field built is overseen by an AstroTurf Construction Manager. These managers are experienced professionals with degrees in engineering or construction management and are ASBA-Certified Field Builders. AstroTurf experts ensure that construction and installation are undertaken in accordance with industry best practices and guarantee that the field performs as well in years eight, nine, and 10 as it does in year one. The vast majority of the old turf will be removed by AstroTurf and some of the old turf will be re-purposed within the UNI Athletic Department.

UNI Athletics will provide a webcam on that will show the progress from beginning to end on the installation of the new turf.