AstroTurf installations of Division I football, baseball stadiums, Green Technology highlight 2022

10 January 2023

AstroTurf, the leading provider of synthetic turf solutions, is pleased to announce a successful year of field installations in 2022.

From state championships to National Championships. From record-setting performances to breathtaking highlights. AstroTurf is thankful to celebrate another amazing year on our turf.

Throughout the year, AstroTurf has worked with schools, municipalities, and sports organizations to provide top-quality synthetic turf fields for a variety of sports and activities. These fields offer a safe, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, and have been well-received by players, coaches, and communities alike.

From design to build, our team works with families and facilities across the nation and globe to deliver high-caliber surfaces that bring out the game in all of us.

Before we get too far into 2023, we hope that you will take a moment to reflect on the wonderful year full of accomplishments, victories and fulfilling work. In 2022, AstroTurf left its mark on many communities providing them with high performing playing surfaces that will be the subject of pride for organizations for years to come.

Highlights in 2022 included major Division I football and baseball stadiums, award-winning projects and the new Green Technology installed at Duke University’s Williams Field at Jack Katz Stadium, a first in the United States.

AstroTurf also installed multiple fields for multiple sports at various schools and universities including Carthage Central High School in New York, Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, Warrensburg High School in Missouri, Northern Illinois University, Holy Cross, Mount Holyoke College and Liberty University.

Since 1965, AstroTurf has been building extraordinary fields for athletes of all ages to play on. AstroTurf is the inventor of synthetic turf, the leading innovator in the industry, and the most imitated brand in the turf industry. With over 55 years of customer trust, and over 55 years of providing superior products, we have much to celebrate. AstroTurf, along with our sister brands, Laykold, and Rekortan are the icons that invented their industries and are poised for a tremendous future. Please take a moment to look back with us on the incredible year that was 2021.