Aramark Sports + Entertainment Kicks Off 2023 NFL Season with Fresh Take on Game Day Eats, Service Technologies, and Retail Offerings

8 September 2023

Aramark Sports + Entertainment, the renowned food and beverage partner at 10 NFL venues, is set to elevate the game day experience for football fans with a fresh lineup of offerings for the 2023 National Football League (NFL) season. Aramark is not only introducing new menu items and retail options but is also leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and self-checkout technologies to enhance convenience and ensure fans can fully savor every moment of the action.

Alicia Woznicki, Vice President of Design and Development at Aramark Sports + Entertainment, emphasized the company's commitment to enhancing all aspects of service and hospitality on game day.

Key highlights of Aramark's offerings for the 2023 NFL season include:

  1. Revolutionary Drink Markets: Four NFL stadiums, including Acrisure Stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and Soldier Field, will exclusively use Aramark's innovative Walk Thru Bru markets, replacing traditional packaged beer portables. These grab-and-go markets, which have proven successful in prior testing, allow guests aged 21+ to choose from a wide variety of beverages and check out ten times faster when paired with AI technology. This expansion aims to increase speed of service, reduce concourse congestion, and offer more variety to fans.

  2. Convenient Service Technology: Aramark is introducing various technologies to decrease wait times and enhance speed of service:

    • Digital Age Verification: Empower Field at Mile High will pilot a frictionless purchasing experience using IDmission with Zippin checkout-free technology. Enrolled fans can verify their age with a face scan, select items, and exit without conventional checkout.

    • Checkout-Free Hot Food Stands: GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium will introduce a checkout-free hot food stand powered by Zippin, allowing fans to shop using a credit card or the Zippin app.

    • Bartesian Cocktail Machines: Bartesian cocktail machines will serve premium cocktails in suites, clubs, and mobile bar carts at Cleveland Browns Stadium and U.S. Bank Stadium.

    • Mobile Self-Scan: Empower Field at Mile High will pilot Scan & Go at a new Mountain Pass location in Section 107, enabling guests to use their mobile devices to add items to their cart and pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card.

    • Self-Checkout Kiosks: Self-checkout kiosks will be available at various locations, including Empower Field at Mile High, Acrisure Stadium, Paycor Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium, providing a streamlined shopping and payment experience.

These innovations aim to enhance the overall fan experience by reducing wait times, increasing convenience, and offering a wider range of options for food, beverages, and payment methods.

With these developments, Aramark is set to provide NFL fans with a more efficient and enjoyable game day experience during the 2023 season.