Adtran expands Mosaic One with Fiber Gaming Network for esports opportunities

16 August 2023

Adtran has expanded its Mosaic One Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite by incorporating DxTEL's Fiber Gaming Network (FGN). FGN is a co-branded platform that transforms the way broadband service providers interact with gaming communities. It empowers operators to offer exclusive gaming tournaments, targeted esports-focused advertising, and partnerships with local educational institutions to create esports scholarship opportunities. By integrating FGN into its Mosaic One SaaS suite, Adtran is enabling operators to gain insights into gamers' quality of experience and explore new avenues for revenue growth.

FGN, powered by Adtran, is a comprehensive platform that allows providers to actively engage with the gaming community. It supports community building, professional development, and revenue generation while promoting inclusivity and accessibility. It provides solutions for competitive gaming, connecting students with potential esports careers, and fostering relationships between schools and the gaming world. The integration with Mosaic One sets a new standard for the efficient and secure delivery of cloud gaming, ensuring a robust connection during bandwidth-intensive competitions. It also offers service providers valuable insights into the entire customer experience, from gameplay to devices to subscription packages, enabling targeted cross-platform marketing strategies.

Robert Conger, SVP of technology and strategy at Adtran, highlighted, "DxTEL's FGN powered by Adtran opens the door for service providers to establish a strategic presence in the rapidly growing esports industry. For subscribers, it offers access to an engaging and professionally curated gaming community, while schools and colleges receive the resources they need to establish esports clubs and teams. With the support of Mosaic One and our suite of connected home technologies, FGN guarantees a seamless, high-quality gaming experience for participants in global competitions. This expansion of our Mosaic One suite empowers fiber broadband providers to harness the revenue potential of esports while fostering community engagement in innovative ways."