A new football stadium for Neshoba Central Rockets

11 October 2018

Friday nights during football season are big in Mississippi, but for the Neshoba Central Rockets, Friday nights just got even bigger. Earlier this week, the school board approved a bid from a local construction company to build a new $1.4 million stadium.

"Well the stadium we have now is definitely sub-par. Our competitors we play against, they have really nice places. And every facility here on campus is really nice and first class. This is the last facility here that's really not first class, but that's about to change,” said Superintendent Lundy Brantley.

The new and improved stadium will hold 4,400 fans and will include an upgraded press box.

"It’s going to be really great for our kids. Our kids get to see others schools that are the same size as us that have really really first class places and they wonder why we can't do it. Well, we answered that. We can and we are. And we're really excited about it,” said Brantley.

Construction will likely begin in December. The project should be finished by May of 2019.

D and H Construction and Cabinetry INC. of Meridian was awarded the bid.


Source: wtok.com