Jean Jacques Pralus
About: Jean Jacques Pralus - Marketing Manager

The building regulations are different in every country and that influence only in a small part,the cost-effectiveness of the project, because the load capacity is the same worldwide.

1. Your designers are homed in Malaysia and your manufacturing unit is located in China, apart from which, you also staff French engineers for quality control purposes. Is this multi-cultural set up advantageous to your performance?

Of course that help us a lot to understand better our clients from so different countries. I think our clients feel more comfortable with our team which mix European, Asian people from different culture (French, Malaysia, China).

2. How was your experience working with the Air Show Bangalore 2015? Do you work with Indian events and companies on a frequent basis?

Our client Pavilion & Interior in the Air Show Bengalore 2015, was well organized and the Pakar grandstands were well appreciated by the public.

That was our 3rd event in India after the Commonwealth Games on 2010 and the India F1 Grand Prix in Dehli on 2011, the India market of event is growing.But Pakar Seating works only on Sale  basis in India, not on Rental basis because Pakar Seating cannot use his Rental stock which is located in Malaysia. That will be too expensive in terms of transportation and customs duties.Our  main target in India is to find India companies able to invest in Pakar grandstand  for this growing Rental market in India. Only one India company has currently invested in Pakar grandstands, but we are currently in contact with 4 potential India companies who wish to invest in Pakar grandstand for the local Rental market.

3. Considering your extensive work with the Olympic Games in the past, will you be involved with the imminent Summer Olympics to be held in Rio, Brazil this year?

Unfortunately, Pakar seating is not involved in the coming Olympic Games in Brazil, mainly due to the high import taxes in Brazil .But we will supply the grandstands for the coming Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix in Baku. 2016 will be a good year for Pakar, mainly due to some projects of permanent grandstands in Africa and Asia.

4. What are the challenges in constructing over an irregular terrain like sand/desert?

Sand/desert is not challenging to install grandstand. Sand is a good support for grandstand, if you block the sand, that is better than some waterlogged soil. Our Pakar seating system is very easy to install on irregular terrain due to our column system. The versatility is one of the best features of the Pakar grandstand

5. Are there any specific measures that Pakar Seating needs to take in order to accommodate the building standards of each country? Does this influence the cost-effectiveness of the project?

The building regulations are different in every country and that influence only in a small part,the cost-effectiveness of the project, because the load capacity is the same worldwide, only some details of safety are different (type and height of guard rail, width of the access).

The wind speed is different in every country and that could influence in the cost-effectiveness of the project in a significant part. That is important to know the wind speed of the project before costing.

6. Marathons are a trending event across the world. Is this a huge market for your business? How different is the building process for small grandstands built specifically for such events?  

No Marathon is not big market for grandstand, because along 42km, there is so many space for the standing public. The growing market is more for the Beach sports (Beach Volley, Beach Soccer), the Golf, Tennis , but our big market is still the Football, the Car Race, the Festival/Concert and National Day Parade.