3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit 2020

3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit 2020

2 September - 3 September, 2020

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ILEC Conference Centre, United Kingdom

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Open Innovation Group LTD

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68 Cedar Avenue Haywards Heath United Kingdom RH16 4UQ

About 3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit 2020

The 3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit 2020 brings together the senior decision makers, thought leaders and innovators who are driving success at the elite level in Talent ID, Human Performance, Medical Care and Data Analysis.

The drive to gain competitive edge in recruitment, development, performance and player welfare is taking football deeper into the world of big data, AI, technology and science.

Every corner is researched: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psych/Social. Every level covered: men’s, women’s, senior, youth, foundation. All roles involved: analysts, coaches, directors, doctors, managers, nutritionists, physios, psychologists, scientists, scouts.

With access to, and input from, multiple sources of rich information comes the need to question, evaluate, apply and communicate. To understand what creates successful environments, cultures, relationships and secures buy-in to maximise the potential of the athlete stood in front of you and the team you are part of.

Through a series of high-level presentations and workshops from elite sports scientists, data analysts, technical directors and head coaches, alongside leaders in psychology, academia and sports medicine, the 3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit integrates the science and art of football to produce an unmissable event for practitioners who aim to stay ahead of the game and network with those who are.


Visitors Profile

  • Directors of Football
  • Academy Directors
  • Performance Directors
  • Recruitment Directors
  • Talent Identification Managers
  • Football Coaches
  • Goalkeeping Coaches
  • Video Analysts
  • Data Scientists/Analysts
  • Performance Analysts
  • Biokenticists
  • Medical Directors
  • Sports Psychologists
  • Director of Research
  • Performance Manager
  • Sport Scientists
  • Nutritionists
  • Scouts
  • Player Contract Managers
  • Technology Providers

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