Efficient London 2012

The home of Cricket, the land of oldest tennis championship is now on its way to entertain everyone on the planet during summer 2012. The 2012 Olympics is called the London 2012. London adds jewels to its crown with this host. Alongside Queen's Club, Old Trafford, Twickenham, Silverstone, St.Andrew's, Lord's, Wimbledon and Wembley stand the brand new Olympic Park, which is near completion with applause from corners of the world.
Beneath one of the biggest sports venues existing on the planet was once industrial contaminated land. For London 2012 British Government takes a revolutionary initiation to grow flowers over the fouled land and it turns effective. London 2012 says 'The Olympic Park will create a green backdrop for the Games and a new green space after 2012 for people and wildlife living in and around the area to enjoy'.

Greenery, water harvesting, riversides, cafes, bars and events are all ensured within the span of Olympic Park. Coming to the venues that are a part of it, there is a long list which includes newly constructed, renovated and existing structures. Aquatics Centre, Athletes' Village, Basketball Arena, BMX Track, Brands Hatch, City of Coventry Stadium, Earls Court, Eton Dorney, Eton Manor, ExCeL, Greenwich Park, Hadleigh Farm, Hampden Park, Hampton Court Palace, Handball Arena, Hockey Centre, Horse Guards Parade, Hyde Park, IBC/MPC, Lee Valley White Water Centre, Lord's Cricket Ground, The Mall, Millennium Stadium, North Greenwich Arena, Old Trafford, Olympic Stadium, The Royal Artillery Barracks, St James' Park, Velodrome, Water Polo Arena, Wembley Arena, Wembley Stadium, Weymouth and Portland and the Wimbledon all lend their grounds and stands for the world public to let & watch the London 2012.
About half of these are new names and invaluable additions to the nation's sports spirit. These newly constructed venues are so efficiently planned so as to serve even after the games are comfortably hosted. Aquatic games which have more number of events next to ground athletics demands biggest facility possible in the entire Olympic park. The Aquatic centre serves more than what Olympics expect, because it can be converted to a full time public utility for schools, clubs, colleges and communities in and around London for years ahead. Lee valley has temporary seats which will be removed after the event and the course will serve canoeing and kayaking event centre for local and visiting athletes. The Velodrome and BMX track are planned in adjacent locations in Olympic Park so as to produce a Velo Park after the games are hosted. The Eaton Manor which hosts Wheelchair tennis during 2012 will still serve for the same purpose.

To one's astonishment, some of the arenas are temporarily built inside Olympic park, like the Basketball Arena, which is disassembled after the games and re-assembled elsewhere outside the park to serve any specific purpose. Similar is the case with Equestrian hosting centre, Greenwich Park at South East London. Greenwich Park centre will be completely taken down after the games. Hadleigh farm in Essex, East London which will host Mountain bike competitions is temporary too. Hockey centre will join Eaton Manor but will stay in the Olympic Park. So, London 2012 claims that these venues are capable enough to provide business opportunities before as well as after the games. 'Great to know' for Sports businesses.
The Olympic Stadium is an iconic, marvelous and timeless creation by the British to host inauguration, closing and interim events of Olympics 2012.

Arenas and venues are planned with great efficiency by the London Olympics committee, and are all very close to finish line before time. Feedback is due by the players who make maximum use of the venues and facilities at London 2012. It takes a year to hear about London 2012.

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