Technological advances in Baseball

A bat and ball game that acquired an indelible special place in the Americans' hearts, Baseball is an entertainment packed game that has been shaping up itself towards the perfectness with the use of technological advancements and researches. Today, it has evolved as a game that incorporated technology which holds a key in engaging fans from all the feasible ways. Starting off from the way fans experiencing the game to the equipment, impact of technology over the America’s pastime is not just big but brilliant. Here are some baseball technological advances and how they are changing the game more interesting.

 Technological advances in Baseball



Have you ever thought of how amazing it is to watch every single moment in the baseball game or the movement of each and every player? If you had so, your desire will come true through the tracking technology called Statcast, an innovative technology capable of collecting and displaying data with the help of high resolution optical cameras and radar system. This exact location finding technology has been considered by MLB and is all set to present us jaw-dropping moments in 2015 during MLB Network Showcase game that takes place in between the Washington Nationals and the St.Louis Cardinals.

Statcast holds a top priority among all the technological advances that are known to change the watching experience of the base ball as it can track more data from home run distance to the pitcher to data points like velocity. In addition, Statcast is also able to fill up answers for some timeless questions like why a player wrapped with success or failure, what is the distance covered by a player in the game, how accurate is his route in tracking a ball and many more.

This curve pushing technology not only feeding eager of game enthusiasts through its high-tech options but adding advantages for the Major League teams by helping them to evaluate players and draft picks.  


 Baseball bat with rotating handle

Easton Torq, a new and innovative baseball equipment from Easton is a baseball bat that has given players the full freedom for extended swing with the rotating handle. Bat featuring with the rotating handle works perfect in achieving better performance from a player and to improve batter contact with the bat.

This is a never before bat with a 360 degrees TORQ handle. Keenan Long, Engineer in Advanced Concepts at Easton says "We've been into many testing stages inorder to thicken the bond between player and equipment, and achieved it through Torq."

Other Technologies

Alongside the Statcast and rotating handle bat, Baseball is also ready to equip digital clock that shortens commercial breaks by alerting batters and pitchers with warning messages. Incase if a player fails to reach the baseball field in time or is extending the break time, the rudimentary technology based digital clock passes a warning.

An innovative baseball data provider Baseball Info Solutions (BIS) is strengthening baseball technological advances by offering its clients an advanced technology that provides improved analytics and data about the game such as historical information, every player's defensive analytics, fielding statistics and tools that improve defensive positioning. To provide the information, BIS uses video scouts who provide optimized data after watching every game twice.


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