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4,437 Runners From Across The Globe Help Sell Out The 15th Annual SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon And 5K

Sunday, Nov 06, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A group of 4,437 runners from across the globe, participated in the sold out 15th annual SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon and 5K along the shore of the San Francisco Bay on Sunday morning. Active lifestyle and running enthusiasts took part in a 13.1-mile or five-kilometer journey through the City by the Bay and across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, with views of the infamous Alcatraz.

"Today, the SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon is celebrating 15 years of success and we are so proud to see this dedicated community of runners exploring San Francisco's history, cosmopolitan elegance and natural beauty with us," said Guy Terriff, General Manager, RaceForce LLC.

"We are so grateful to the people from 47 states and 30 countries, including Australia, Israel, Brazil, Ireland and New Zealand, who have put the SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon in their calendars since 2002 and sold out this year's event. This race is not just a competition; it is a journey and a memorable experience for every participant who laced up their shoes this morning and the locals who joined us near the finish line, applauding 15 years of achievement. Thank you to all participants, supporters and sponsors," Terriff added.  

Alon Katovitz, travelled from Netanya, Israel, to participate in this weekend's race and fulfill his goal of completing a race abroad. 

"I am a father of five daughters and three years ago, I dropped 45 pounds in efforts to get fit and increase my active lifestyle. Running has become a passion on mine and it is an incredible feeling to participate with people from all over the world and experience the beauty of San Francisco. I am very impressed by the production of this race and I am already planning my next," said Katovitz. 

In 2016, online personal finance company SoFi came on board as the Golden Gate Half Marathon's title sponsor. SoFi's support is vital to the success of the 13.1-mile and five-kilometer race. 

"SoFi is honored to be the title sponsor of the Golden Gate Half Marathon. The race's commitment to helping thousands of people achieve personal goals is parallel to SoFi's commitment to helping our members achieve their financial goals faster," said Meg Ciarallo, VP of Marketing at SoFi.

"The SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon's route is challenging, but beautiful, giving participants a chance to experience San Francisco like never before. We have more than 100 of our own employees and SoFi members running the race, each pushing their personal limits to achieve new levels of success. SoFi is proud to support this group of active lifestyle enthusiasts and dedicated philanthropists, whether they completed their first race today or are long-time runners. We are thrilled to see people from all over the globe cross the finish line of the 15th annual event," Ciarallo added.

The Golden State Half Series, made up of the Livermore Half, the Town's Half and the Golden Gate Half events, has created "Race With A Purpose," the official charity program that will provide selected charities a platform to recruit endurance athletes to fundraise for local and international causes.

For the Golden Gate event, participants could choose to support Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization founded by maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns, dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe, around the world.

"Our team at Every Mother Counts is so grateful for the SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon and 5K community and their vital contributions," said Kristen Kirkland, Running Program Coordinator at Every Mother Counts.

"Our mission is clear: to inform, engage and mobilize new audiences to take action and make lasting change at home and across the globe. We are honored to have the support of the SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon and 5K. Together, we are all taking important steps forward," added Kirkland.

The top male finisher in the half-marathon group was Adam Coy, from San Francisco, CA with an unofficial finish time of 1:20:29. 

The top female finisher in the half-marathon group was Dina Kitayama, from Walnut Creek, CA with an unofficial finish time of 1:25:41.

Organizers released Sunday, November 5 as the date for the 2017 event.

"We invite everyone to join us in 2017 for the 16th annual SoFi Golden Gate Half Marathon and 5K! Register today by visiting," Terriff concluded.

ABOUT RACEFORCE, LLC:  RaceForce, LLC ("RaceForce") is a subsidiary of OmniForce, LLC, and a leading endurance and athletic event production company based in Los Angeles, CA. By leveraging an extensive worldwide network and a wealth of core competencies including: Strategic Marketing; Sponsorship Acquisition and Production Support, RaceForce can invest in events, create new events and collaborate with event owners to deploy support where needed while maintaining the event's grassroots identity. RaceForce events are legendary and cherished by their respective community including the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA and the Golden Gate Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA. For more information regarding RaceForce, LLC, visit  

ABOUT SOFI: SoFi is a new kind of finance company taking a radical approach to lending and wealth management. From unprecedented products and tools to faster service and open conversations, we're all about helping our members get ahead and find success. Whether they're looking to buy a home, save money on student loans, ascend in their careers, or invest in the future, the SoFi community works to empower our members to accomplish the goals they set and achieve financial greatness as a result. For more information, visit

ABOUT EVERY MOTHER COUNTS: Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. We inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. For more information, visit


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