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The New Stadium Feyenoord



The New Stadium Feyenoord




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The new, comfortable and multi-purpose Feyenoord stadium can accommodate 63,000 spectators and offers space for 90 business lounges and a numerous amount of hospitality. The new stadium will be the largest stadium in the Netherlands and can conquer a place in the Top 15 of UEFA Elite Stadiums. The New Stadium brings the big events back to Rotterdam. It will accommodate space for integrating various social and commercial functions; and has a future-proof space for pop concerts and major events. With a capacity 63,000 seats The New Stadium will be the largest indoor event stadium of the Benelux. The New Stadium will be the most sustainable stadium of Europe. One of the design aspects is to reduce energy use, by implementing geothermal heat storage and by integration of PV cells in the stadium roof. The authentic experience and undisputed magic of the current Feyenoord stadium ‘De Kuip’ are taken into account as the starting point for the design of the New Stadium. Atmosphere dete