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SurveyMonkey and QSR International announce partnership



SurveyMonkey and QSR International announce partnership




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SurveyMonkey and QSR International have today announced a partnership to combine two of the world’s favorite research tools, SurveyMonkey and NVivo, making it easy for people to collect, organize, understand and report on open-ended survey responses. For people conducting qualitative research, whether they are marketers trying to understand consumer trends or academics investigating the effects of social phenomena, this partnership makes it easier to take control of unstructured survey data and get to valuable research outcomes faster. QSR International CEO John Owen said, “Those working with open-ended SurveyMonkey survey responses can now use an easy to use import function to bring data into NVivo for in-depth analysis; putting NVivo’s powerful search, query and visualization tools to work to uncover subtle connections, justify findings, and make sense of detailed answers. “SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg said, “The ability to easily conduct robust analysis on the rich, unstr