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AUS $ 425 million redevelopment of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

AUS $ 425 million redevelopment of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

Introduction :

The AUS $ 425 million redevelopment of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia was given the go-ahead by the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Justin Madden. The entire project should be completed by the end of 2005.

Features :

The MCG's designers were briefed to satisfy the following criteria : There should be no net loss of public seating or overall capacity; Sightlines should be of world standard; Personal seating area should be at least equal to that of Great Southern Stand seats; The number of under-cover seats should be optimised; and there is to be no loss of parkland.

A major feature of the redevelopment is the relocation and expansion of the Australian Gallery of Sport as part of the "MCG City" vision.The Gallery is to become a seven-day attraction featuring interactive devices and a museums precinct embracing Australian Rules Football, the Olympic Exhibition, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame and an Extreme Sport Exhibition.

The new stand will have transparent walls with three major entry points. Each entrance will feature a grand atrium serviced by escalators taking patrons to the upper levels. The dining room capacity has almost doubled, accommodating up to 500 guests.

Attendances during construction will be reduced to a 70,000 capacity.

Specifications Table :

Stadium Name             :       Melbourne Cricket Ground
Location                      :       Melbourne,Australia
Costruction Type          :       Redevelopment
Project Starting Year     :       December 2001
Year of Completion        :       2005
Estimated Cost             :       AUS $ 425 million

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