Innovative Seating Design and Technology for Stadia and Venues

Spectators seating arrangement is always a key area of focus in stadia and venues structures, as their level of experience only fulfills the purpose of event or sport. Historically, different forms of materials were used in various structures and forms for these seating. Like cement structures as steps, wooden chairs or benches etc. The stadia seating systems and structures are discussed rarely among the stadium features and facilities. However, today the seating has taken an equal importance and is experiencing developments, advancements and innovations.

Now-a-days seating capacity increase is highly adapted. However, comfort and other experience factors are also noticed and being addressed by the designers.

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte has special seating features like:

  • Seat widths are 19 inches for lower and upper level seating and 21 inches for club level seating
  • Viewing distance from first row of seating is 53 feet and end zone is 20 feet
  • Elevated seats and designed for optimal viewing angles
  • The club level patrons, seating is located along both sidelines of the playing field
  • Luxury suites are of 12 feet wide x 32 feet deep for 10 person suites and 40 feet wide x 32 feet deep for 40-person suites.

BBC sports arena - Swiss sporting venue specialists Nssli

BBC sports arena, Switzerland has the audience systems installed with complete seating solution, a result of work in partnership with Swiss sporting venue specialists Nssli. Therefore this arena has

  • Bright, durable Alpha seats that were provided on a mixture of concrete tiering and retractable platforms
  • The striking seat colours of yellow, orange, blue and black represents the team colours. While, the seemingly random layout of seat colours resolves the clever gradient from team colours to league colours.
  • All the seating banks are retractable and recessed that are designed to fit beneath the tiers of seating on the building's permanent concrete balconies. When closed, the seating platforms store neatly beneath the balconies - some even sitting behind the front edge to squeeze precious extra inches for the handball courts. On opening, the retractable banks automatically move forward on a special track to ensure a seamless transition between the fixed and retractable seating areas.
  • Balcony has one recessed retractable bank of seats at two different heights.

This retractable seating also gives the flexibility for the venue to play hosts to conferences, meetings and shows of all kinds.

Shape shifting of venues with swappable seating sections

Through "Change of Venue", PopSci gave a new imaginary model on modular seating sections of different shapes to provide the best seating configuration for any event. For the football and soccer games seats would line up along the sidelines and ends of the field, and seats for baseball games would be angled to face the pitcher's mound.

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Noticeably, the introduction of the smart-phone applications turned as teams confronts a high difficulty in environment to attract fans to stadiums. This is the result of the images of N.F.L. players blocking and tackling on high-definition television that have become increasingly life-like at the same time that the price of attending a game in person is higher than ever.

Elevated stands driving principle is to get spectators as close to the ball as possible. Because for a big crowd at a football game shallow bowl works well, but for a small tennis match, the nosebleed seats should be pulled in closer. Therefore, each row of seats rests on standard, lightweight hydraulic lifts that can make entire sections steeper or shallower with the push of a button.



Pakar Grandstand



The Pakar Grandstand is a ready to assemble seating stand for venues or stadia. This structure comprises a system of frames welded with interlocking system, ties, braces, beam and deck units that lock together to form a quick erect, structural support system. Seat Units and balustrade units are fixed to the terraced decks to provide a safe secure interlocking seating area. While, the Pakar Grandstand can be equipped with the Pakar Roof that is combined with the advantages of lightweight structure, quick in assembling with the strength, security and finishing of a permanent building as a whole.

One main aspect of venues and stadia is about different types and levels of seating in value. So, seating is not only about just chairs, the variation of value can be brought by giving delighted experience and this is recognized to be possible with luxury suites and premium seats.

Bluecube3 - Luxura Seating

Bluecube3's luxura seating product is the ultimate in VVIP seating, aimed at VIP areas and Sky Boxes. The special advantage of Luxura is that it retains design consistency with solara and integra lines and has all the benefits of rail mounting. The product is produced in materials and finishes suited to outdoor environments luxura has been specifically developed to withstand not only extreme sunlight but also humidity and direct exposure to rain. The Luxura seating is available with fully enclosed armrests to give a 'business class' experience or with open style rail mounted armrests. Lucura features include:

  • Fully adjustable rail mount
  • 500mm seat width
  • 3/4 tip envelope.
  • Optional shared or individual armrests.
  • Cup-Holders (front and back rest mounted)
  • End Row panel
  • Full seat upholstery
  • Soft tip

Arena Seating

A wide variety of stadia, venue or event seating is being provided by Arena seating. The company is known for innovative approach to challenges across all temporary and permanent event seating challenges. For sports venues, Arena provides permanent raked seating and demountable tribunes used at football and rugby clubs from Premiership level to non-league along with regularly supplying spectator seating for cricket, equestrian events, tennis, rugby and other sports. Its range of small to mid-sized grandstand products like Tiered Grandstands and Covered Grandstands are ideal for up and coming clubs and training grounds. While, Congress, Diplomat, In Style, Flat Tip-Up, Samsonite, Sports Stands & LTs, ClearviewT, Bespoke Solutions, Special Structures, and the Box Seat are for various purposes ranging from general to luxury seating covering indoor, outdoor and box setting.

The venue market has requirement of both temporary and permanent seating models. So, it is all about how industry players grab and liquidate the demand for stadia and venue seating in the industry.