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Still training under floodlights on Saturday night, yet another kickoff in the local derby on Sunday morning. The pitch: Perfectly maintained. The players marvel: Just how does our greenkeeper for artificial turfmanage it?

One word: Turfrob. Time-consuming greenkeeping is a thing of the past. Your greenkeeping robot takes care of that. You operate Turfrob with an app and it navigates fully automatically. Simply choose a greenkeeping programme and Turfrob does its work without any supervision – it’s fully independent even at night. With strong battery performance for many hours of brushing and grooming. Turfrob charges as fast as lightning in the morning and is ready for perfect green keeping immediately: You thus maximise playing time while guaranteeing a sustainable useful life of the artificial turf system at the same time. Fully automatic care, perfect greenkeeping: Turfrob.

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Robots help us in many areas of life, make our society more advanced and are simply sensible assistants. It is not just in industry that automation is continuing to make progress. Robots raise the quality of your everyday life to a new level. This leads to greenkeeping of artificial turf, where Turfrob takes part. No matter whether it’s a hobby or competitive sport: Only artificial turf in perfect condition makes major sports and its associated emotions possible. Turfrob enables you to achieve a perfect maintenance of your pitch. Our goal is to reach continuous and consistent playing characteristics in all areas of the playing field. 365 days a year durability and outstanding performance are guaranteed.

Greenkeeper for artificial turf in perfection.

Brushing and straightening of artificial grass

Football boots put very high mechanical stress on artificial turf fibres. Especially in the penalty areas of the pitch. Constantly brushing protects fibres from folding, which increases the lifetime of the artificial turf system.

Grooming and loosening infill

Depending on playing intensity, the infill becomes compressed and must be loosened regularly. The Turfrob grooms the ground synced with the system structure and guarantees looseness and thereby consistent playing characteristics. Combined with the brushing feature the infill granules are distributed evenly.

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