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Stylemaker® flooring - Powerful production quality. Good, with no compromises.

Stylemaker® flooring raises the creative design of individual floor images to a new level. Simply select your motif, adjust the sizes and colours, then order straight away. You receive a finished floor image, ready-to-fit in the intended area. It couldn’t be easier. You only need to lay it out tidily and fill it in – that’s it! Now you can bring whole thematic worlds to your floor. Your customers will be amazed!

Whether underwater worlds, bobby car racetrack, floor games or futuristic designs – create top-class fall-protection surface areas that everyone will love with Stylemaker® flooring.

Innovative technologies: This is how Melos creates the Stylemaker® flooring images. Melos relies on a high-performance waterjet process with the individual floor image elements precisely cut out from EPDM plates. In future, floor images will also be possible in 3D print, with fine edge contours.

Gain an advantage in your pitches and sales talks. Creativity is the key to success and will really amaze your customers. So what are you waiting for? The Stylemaker® is a browser-compatible web app, designed for deployment on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet and can be accessed directly through the following

Creative floor images in 3 steps!

1. Open the app and select your motif – place it in the area and combine it flexibly with others. - Choose from a great selection of motifs! The Stylemaker® supports creativity. Users can shift, discard or save these motifs. Nothing is lost.

2. Customise motifs –change sizes, play with colours and zoom in closely. Motifs are worked on in full-screen mode – and optimised step-by-step with any nuances. 3D effects help with the design and also give clients a great sense of satisfaction. “That looks really great! Let’s do that!

3. Really easy to order – the delivery comes in a complete, ready-to-install package. The Stylemaker® calculates costs and supply quantities for granulates and polyurethane containers. The whole package is ordered directly in the app – then the finished, ready-to-install floor motif is delivered. Place it, attach the background, and that’s all.

Stylemaker Evolution 3D

Enter the world of the third dimension with us and discover organically shaped objects for playgrounds and leisure facilities. As an original 2D Stylemaker®floor motif, in 2.5D to draw attention to certain elements or as a totally sculptural 3D object, there are no limits to our imagination. Create new worlds and have floor images for children made real – as well as great places to play. Set off on new adventures with Stylemaker® Evolution 3D!

Stylemaker Individual

Now it’s really easy to order motifs, such as club or company logos or also any imaginative motifs of your choice, as a Stylemaker® floor image. Ideal for raising the profile of your club house, branch office, company headquarters or your showroom in a truly unique way! Send us your desired motif through the integrated upload function on the We are always pleased to receive professional files, but we also process hand-drawn sketches and are happy to advise you.

Stylemaker® floor games. Perfect for spontaneous fun.

Play is fun, play keeps you healthy – and Stylemaker® floor games provide exciting challenges for body and spirit! Be it for school playgrounds, kindergartens or play areas, old people’s homes, hospitals or shopping malls, there is a great choice of exercise, reaction or learning games. These include “Long Jump” for animal fans or “Jump ‘n Count” for maths wizards and anyone who wants to become one. And the ever-popular “Twister” – a game that calls for “rubber legs” – can also be realised.

Stylemaker Pix and Play

With Stylemaker® Pix and Play you can realise highly individual floor and wall pictures – in the very latest, ingenious pixel appearance. Be it very finely or coarsely pixelated, be it superheroes, company logos or colourful graphics, anything goes with Pix and Play! You can use motif templates from the Stylemaker® database or upload your favourite motif into the Stylemaker® App. Stylemaker® Pix and Play automatically recognises the colours in your design – you only have to order ... that’s all!

Stylemaker Colour Flow

Melos granulates are available in 24 colours. 24 colours that enable a wide variety of designs. Technical know-how and creativity go hand in hand in this – to successfully generate attractive ranges of colour with Stylemaker® Colour Flow, to perfect your area designs right down to the last detail. Colours flow seamlessly into each other to create inspiring, smooth transitions: on leisure areas between beach and sea, sky and earth or in a professional environment in showrooms and the like – with your own ideas as the yardstick! We supply Colour Flow as ready-to-install elements.

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