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Recycling Granules

Recycling Granules

Origin and quality of Recycling Granules

Recycled granules, that are used in the market, often come from different sources – these can be subsequently distributed as sorted or unsorted (blended). Neither the sorted EPDM products nor the technical products through Melos normally originate from recycled used material. Rather they accrue during new production, e.g. as high-grade blended material. Fibre granules are typically extracted from fully retreaded tyres.

Chemical composition of Recycling Granules

Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber is a synthetic rubber. The saturated main chain (M-Rubber) provides EPDM with excellent weather, UV and ozone resistance.

In the market „black recycling granules“ are frequently referred as „SBR“ and are often associated with old tyres. However, upon closer examination it makes sense to differentiate, since Styrol-Buta-diene-Rubber (SBR) is a synthetic rubber with an unsaturated main chain (R-Rubber), that can be used for many applications (not merely tyres) as the basic rubber. For that reason, recycling rubber granules are often made of a mixture of different basis polymers. That can include SBR, EPDM and other rubbers

Application areas of Recycling Granules

Re-used granules provide a wide range of applications and have been used for highly varied application areas for years. Recycling Granules can be used as a cost effective option for fall protection tiles in combination with pigmented PU, as an infill for full pour sports surfacing systems, as prefabricated web material and for elastic layers in sports coverings and fall protection systems. Depending on the area of application, the granules are inserted loose, as an infill or in a bonded form.

Areas of application

  • Sports venue construction - Recycling Granules are often supplied as an elastic layer in sports surfacing. Here, the materials meet the required elastic and (impact) damping properties.
  • Playgrounds, fall protection substructure - Recycling Granules are also often supplied as an elastic layer leisure surfacing. Here, the materials meet the required elastic and (impact) damping properties.
  • Artificial Turf - The material is used on some artificial turf systems as an elastic layer underneath the artificial turf. Another application area is the use as infill granules in artificial turf systems
  • Stables, fall protection mats - Recycling Granules are used in stalls as paddock mats or as trailer coatings. They ensure good, safe footing for the animals.
  • Backstop in shooting ranges - With its visco-elastic and force-absorbing properties, the material is also used as a backstop in shooting areas.
  • Road construction - Recycling Granules are used in road construction projetcs – there the modified asphalt is mixed and installed as low-noise asphalt or as a filler in elastic layers.
  • Ship decks - Floor coverings, that come into contact with water and other fluids, are often manufactured as recycled granules to provide skid resistance in these applications.

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