Infill EPDM ST

Tested and flexible: The proven Infill EPDM ST is very lightfast and weatherproof. The selection of suitable pigments ensures the durability of the colours. The infill is produced out of virgin material for the use as an artificial turf granule. Melos Infill EPDM ST is offered in sulphur cross-linked form. Many years of experience with infill granules have shown that this cross-linking method results in a product with solid ageing stability and optimal sports-technical attributes.

Melos Infill Granules are used in different turf systems and are long-term proven. Intensive tests to ascertain company’s customary standards ensure a high performance product.

Melos Infill for the perfect turf system

Melos represents high-performance Infills made from virgin sulphur cross-linked EPDM. With their optimum grain shape and size distribution, Melos Infill ensures low maintenance efforts, constant playing characteristics and a natural feeling during the play.

For football players, artificial turf pitches with Melos Infill granules offer a number of major advantages:

  • Constant characteristics for accurate passes
  • Natural ball rolls and rebounds for very predictable ball reaction
  • Less risk of injury due to good sliding properties
  • Force on joints and ligaments for tendons is optimized
  • Easy to maintain, low wear, eco-friendly
  • Can be played almost independent from weather conditions
  • Suitable for Soccer, America Football, Rugby and more.

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