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Artificial turf

Artificial turf

Everything for high-performance artificial turf pitches

Melos provides high-tech granules and polyurethanes for artificial turf pitches. The use as part of the elastic base layer is one possible application of our products. The artificial turf is glued to this layer. In addition, we offer a range of high-performance infill products from sulphur cured EPDM. These infill granules keep the maintenance requirements of the ground low, provide for consistent playing properties and a natural feel when playing.

Melos provides components from A to Z.

The individual Melos products complement each other perfectly and ensure durability, efficiency and user-friendliness of artificial turf system. 

Our innovative infills are characterized by specific properties and offer effective additional benefits such as the reduction of surface temperature (Infill Cool Plus), very close to natural playing fun (Infill Bionic Fibre) and the highest level of environmental and water protection (Infill EPDM ECO).

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With Melos products you can create artificial turf fields which satisfy even seasoned professionals: Our system overview shows the different infills in direct comparison.

Systems suitable for Artificial turf

  • Artificial Turf For Sports
  • Landscaping Turf

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