Artificial Grass

Maverick Turf™ offers Innovative Synthetic Grass, manufactured by using the World’s best yarn from USA & Europe and looks just like a Natural grass. Moreover the looks and feel of Maverick Turf™ Grass is lush green for all the 365 days in the year.   Artificial Grass does not require any maintenance like Watering, Mowing, fertilizing hence saves a lot over natural grass. You can save a lot on Water, Electricity, Fertilizers & labor cost for many years by installing Maverick Turf™ Grass. This Grass does not fade as it is UV stabilized. Moreover the durability of Maverick Turf™ Grass is more than 25 years. This will help you to have lush green garden for more than 25 years, irrespective of all weather conditions. Maverick Turf™ Grass can be installed anywhere even in those areas where natural grass cannot grow. Some of the applications suggested are Open yard, Back yard, Terrace, Balconies, Staircase, Patio, Near Swimming Pool, Play grounds, Lobby, between the tiles, Trees, Roof Tops, Airports, Road side, etc.

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