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Pakar Stairs System

The Pakar Stairs System

The Pakar Stairs System is highly versatile and can be used as:

  • Access to Grandstands
  • Access to Stages and Platforms
  • Access to Double or Triple Storey Structure
  • Access to Pedestrian Bridge
  • Temporary Public Access to any existing building

The Pakar Stairs system is in conformity with the latest regulations for public areas i.e., ive load up to 7.5kN/m2 and Guardrails supporting loads up to 2kN/m. Width: 1.50m, 2.00m or 2.50m Step riser: 166mm. The Pakar Stairs Solution relies on a Ring-Lock scaffolding system and can be adapted to other type of scaffolding as Cuplock, Kwickstage etc.

Types of Pakar Seats

  • Tip-up seat
  • Bucket seat
  • Flat seat
  • Plastic bench


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