Running Tracks

Running jogging tracks are prepared using EPDM rubber granules, bound by P.U adhesives to get a colourful track. These running jogging tracks have good mechanical and weathering properties. The running jogging tracks are durable and maintenance free. Fairmont running jogging tracks is hard enough to last long but soft and elastic at the same time to make running easier. Running tracks are aptly called RD Ecolastic.

Running jogging tracks and children play ground have a combination of softer rubber under, covered with harder EPDM coloured granules. EPDM granules are available in various colours thereby attractive tracks with flowery designs are possible for children play area. Water can pass through the granules keeping the sport surfaces dry and thus avoid slippery surface. The flexi soft, a non slippery surface of running jogging tracks and other sports surfaces makes a pleasurable walk.

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