Lamination Adhesive

Fairmont makes available a special P.U. lamination adhesive for the purpose of lamination of metal door panels. Fsirmont lamination adhesive is specially formulated to give relatively low viscosity and a fast cure. This fast curing lamination adhesive is suitable for the clean rooms. Lamination adhesive is particularly suitable for the bonding of paper based materials and can be used on other surfaces such as chipboard, galvanised steel, GRP and other plastics, glass, wood, cork, polyurethane foam, polystyrene and mineral wool. The company manufactured lamination adhesive is designed to be hand applied by roller, squeegee, scraper etc., but can be applied by mechanical means. The company supplies material and method of preparing lamination adhesive.

The EPDM granules, its binder and the lamination adhesive are imported from Malaysia. Fairmont India keeps the stocks of various grades for quick availability. Fairmont Polymers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the original company who trades EPDM granules. They also supply P.U. adhesives.

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