Kiev Olympic Stadium

The stadium was initiated in 1914 and has seen an eventful and even turbulent history of construction, demolition and reconstruction. After modernisation for EM 2012 it now offers space for about 70 000 visitors. Kaba’s Ukrainian partner Transexpo has installed 54 FTS-L02 turnstiles for a safe and secure access of the public. These turnstiles feature a night closure to provide a good perimeter security and avoid vandalism. On 8th October 2011 the stadium was opened with a big celebration in which international stars like Shakira and Vladimir Klitschko participated. The first football match in the new stadium on 11th November 2011 ended in a draw between the national teams of Ukraine and Germany.

Arena Ciudad de México – the largest event arena in Latin America

Mexico City has gained one more attraction this year: the largest event arena of Central and South America has opened its gates in March. The 10 million metropolis thus provides another unmatched leisure Mecca aside from the currently largest football stadium in the region, namely the Aztec Stadium offering 96.000 seats. Records come easy to the arena. Not only is it amongst the largest buildings in event business with its capacity of 22.300, aside from sports. For example, it features some of the world’s largest LED displays with dimensions of 29 x 209 meters on the outside of the building and with lengths of 181 or 361 meters in the interior. A record of its own kind is the fact that Arena de Ciudad de México is the city’s first arena to have its own car parks.