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Laykold Acrylic Sports Surface Systems

Laykold Acrylic Sports Surface Systems

The Laykold® acrylic-based systems are durable, resistant and all-weather hard court and cushion court coatings that convince with their excellent playability and colourful appearance.

These can be adjusted according to customer requirements to achieve the desired performance, playability and optical appearance.

For instance, a specially made rubber mat can be integrated into the system to improve the cushioning effect and, in turn, the comfort of play. In addition, the systems have properties such as water impermeability, slip resistance, durability and UV resistance. The wide choice of 17 colours allows you to add a creative splash to your asphalt or concrete surfaces whether old or new. Other colour mixes are also available on request.

A total of five different Laykold® systems are available, ranging from the economical Laykold® ColorCoat to the Laykold® Masters 8 for high-performance sports. - The right system for every requirement!

Laykold® has a number of top references and has already been used for various well-known tennis tournaments. Since 1984 Laykold® has been the official surface for the Miami Open at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Miami Open was successfully delivered as a high end, 5th Major ATP tennis tournament in record time with some of the highest fan attendance in history. Player feedback has been very positive around court consistency and speed. In addition to the Miami Open, Laykold® Acrylic sports surface systems are also used at the FED Cup in Asheville, the FED Cup in San Antonio and the New York Open.

Thanks to the minimal maintenance requirements and low installation costs, you can reinvigorate existing concrete and asphalt surfaces and retopping of acryl surfaces.

For the Laykold® systems there are various application possibilities. The main areas of application of the Laykold® systems are tennis courts and multi-sport fields such as basketball and volleyball courts as well as football fields. Laykold® is also popular for roller sports such as inline hockey.

Laykold® was first used in the 1920s until 1930s. No other manufacturer of tennis hard court surfaces can look back on a longer history. During the tennis boom in the 1960s and 1970s, Laykold® established itself as one of the few surfaces for hard court systems. Since then, Laykold® sports floors have been used on more than 100,000 courts with over 100,000,000 m2 all over the world. For decades, numerous international tournaments have been held on courts with Laykold® surfaces. Thanks to the versatility that it offers today, Laykold® has become the global market leader for tennis courts.

Sports surface systems for high demands - which system is right for you?

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