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ZTE and China Mobile launch China's first 5G broadcast of sporting event

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019

The company ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications solutions, as well as corporate and consumer technology for mobile Internet, announced the successful translation II China National Youth Games competitions using integrated 5G Live TV solutions. The broadcast was carried out by ZTE in conjunction with the China Mobile branch in Shanxi. The II National Youth Games was the first sports event in China to use 5G technology to collect, edit, broadcast and transmit video data.

ZTE's Digital Intelligent Indoor System 5G-QCell solution covers several competition venues, including the main stadium. This system provides absolutely unique viewing convenience in the format of three different 5G scenarios - viewing from different angles, flexible scaling and a free viewing point. These scenarios are able to fully satisfy the individual preferences of the audience.

Supported by technologies such as MEC and low latency coding, ZTE's 5G Live TV solutions reduce the live broadcast waiting time to less than 1 second, allowing the audience in front of TVs to enjoy the game in real time.

In addition, with the help of advanced technologies for shooting and playing videos, spectators at the stadium can take advantage of the many advantages of a special application for viewing what is happening on the field at different viewing angles.

Subscribers of the IPTV service provided by the China Mobile branch in Shanxi province also get access to interactive content in UHD-quality with the ability to play from four viewing angles. A similar option provides viewers with truly personalized viewing comfort for sports.

ZTE plans to provide 5G-QCell for the future expansion of network bandwidth and the introduction of new functional services, including MEC and LBS (geolocation services). As of August of this year, the Chinese developer has already delivered over 80,000 units of 5G QCell equipment to customers around the world.

In order to provide maximum interactive functionality to the live viewers of the first national sports championship of China in 5G format, in May 2019, ZTE entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sports Authority, Shanxi Broadcasting Station, as well as with the China Mobile regional branch.

The use of 5G Live TV solutions during the II China National Youth Games sets an excellent example for future live sports events. Against the backdrop of the large-scale deployment of 5G networks and the active development of 8K / VR / AR video technologies , ZTE will continue to promote the commercial implementation of 5G Live TV with its partners, developing live broadcast solutions, creating industrial application scenarios and deepening cooperation with key industry players.

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