Zetly and PowChess announce partnership to offer more BSV blockchain-based games

18 August 2022

The sports platform Zetly would like to announce its partnership with PowChess. The two companies are working together to allow more people to play online games using the BSV Blockchain as its core platform.

These two organisations have come together in synergy. From one side PowChess will bring their knowledge about technology payments and NFT's and on the other side Zetly will bring their userbase, marketing and communications knowledge. Through this partnership the two companies are looking to bring solid projects onboard and build awareness around BSV blockchain based games.

Zetly CEO Michael Glijer said: "Zetly is trying to solve the problem of funding for sports clubs and groups, with many of them losing sponsorship deals during the pandemic. It hopes that digital assets such as NFTs will provide new revenue streams and ways to fundraise. Partnering with companies like PowChess an online chess server will allow users to compete in games for real money using the BSV Blockchain and build awareness whilst doing so."

The PowChess is unique because it has payments directly integrated into its platform - allowing for micropayments. Wealthier players can play for large sums of Bitcoin, and they would not have any issues with a credit card allowing them to make a deposit. But smaller players or players in countries where credit cards are not easy to get have a barrier to entry with other chess games

PowChess co-founder Gal Buki said: "In this partnership, Zetly will provide the platform, their marketing skills and the userbase they have. We are going to provide them with the games for the platform and the blockchain infrastructure - including payments and NFTs. This should expand the PowChess platform into completely new games that have purposely been built for Zetly and its platform."

About Zetly:

Sport is emotions. Sport is capital. Sport is Zetly.

Zetly is a state-of-the-art and unique platform for fans, clubs, federations, athletes, and investors whose aim is to capitalize on sports emotions, involve fans and create a bridge to the digital world for all sports. Zetly will help tokenize teams and athletes, providing them with additional sources of income.

Zetly creates a unique ecosystem and marketplace for club tokens, NFT's, sports memorabilia and digital wallets in one place. Thanks to our platform, everyone can create their own NFTs, athletes can organize their crowdfunding campaigns, whereas federations and clubs can offer unique digital collections. The platform will be a fuel for sports through unique methods, offering a system of rewards, gamification, voting, and, in the future, such solutions, as ticketing, streaming and metaverse.

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