WTA and Stats Perform launch a groundbreaking partnership to leverage AI and data in the field of tennis as a historic deal in women's sports

27 November 2020

WTA (Women's Tennis Association) today designated Stats Perform as the official WTA data supplier.

We provide multiple feeds to our customers through partnerships that transform the tennis world. It provides an exclusive data feed from referees for the growing number of WTA matches, as well as an ultra-fast data feed collected by Opta analysts at Stats Perform.

The data collected by Opta analysts at Stats Perform will include detailed match statistics down to the level of rallies and shots. This will dramatically increase the level of live insights that can be offered in thousands of WTA matches and enhance the experience of new types of broadcasts, second screens and sports betting.

This data feed underpins Stats Perform's advanced AI capabilities, helping to bring fans closer to sports through compelling data-driven insights and stories. Through these unique insights, fans will be able to learn more about players and games at a deeper level.

This data will also enhance Stats Perform's existing live WTA video streaming services to create the ultimate experience in reliable and entertaining in-game gambling.

Stats Perform's extensive sports content distribution capabilities increase the availability of official WTA data, making it easier for fans and fans to access certified sportsbooks, broadcasters, OTTs, media, sponsors, technical and fantasy games. Accurate and detailed tennis data is quickly provided to bettors.

As evidence of Stats Perform's commitment to increasing the name recognition of female athletes, the partnership will raise the profile of WTA players by boosting the delivery of more innovative insights and content. The deal also aims to enhance the betting experience by providing a faster and deeper information feed, and to promote the integrity of tennis watching by providing two independently operated feeds.

Karl Melgel, CEO of Stats Perform, said: “The WTA has very ambitious goals for tournaments and players, and we are proud to have trusted us in helping the WTA take fan and bettor engagement to a new level. Broadcasters, media and gambling networks are already excited to see how high-quality information makes sports more attractive. "

WTA representative Mickey Roller said: “Stats Perform has a history of creating innovative and reliable content and products that can improve the entertainment level of the professional sports ecosystem and drive new revenue streams. We are exciting. We look forward to developing unique new stories about WTA tours, their players, and tournaments offered in a comprehensive new way. "

Stats Perform's world-renowned and trusted Opta Data brand is based on AI and content expertise in the sports arena, as well as a customer network, with fans and bettors playing basketball, cricket, rugby and He has helped transform the way information is exchanged in basketball, NFL, and MLB games. The company has a long history of challenging sports measurement methods, giving players, teams and leagues a competitive advantage and broadcasters, media, sportsbooks and sponsors a new perspective. Women's tennis has also seen an increase in the name recognition and engagement of our tours and their players.

About Stats Perform

As a market leader in sports technology, Stats Perform improves predictions for teams and sportsbooks by providing the most reliable sports data and the latest achievements in the application of AI and machine learning, broadcasting and media. , Achieve a more engaging experience for fans We collect the most detailed sports data to create a wide range of new sports experiences. Stats Perform enhances sports competition and entertainment through machine learning and computer vision that create advanced predictive and analytical capabilities while leveraging the most extensive sports database.Differentiated storytelling for digital and broadcast media, fast and reliable data for technology companies to empower their innovation, sportsbooks for in-game gambling and integrity service capabilities. We will provide the team with the first AI analysis software of this type. SportsContentCo exclusively resells Stats Perform's premium sports betting content to licensed sportsbooks in the United States. For more information , please visit StatsPerform.com or SportsContentCo.com.

About WTA

Founded in 1973 by Billie Jean King on the principle of equal opportunity for women in sports, the WTA is the world leader in women's professional sports, with more than 1,650 players in 84 countries. Is competing for a record $ 180 million prize. In 2019, the WTA was watched by a new record of 700 million viewers worldwide. The 2020 WTA Tour will consist of 53 events and 4 Grand Slam tournaments, spanning 6 continents and 28 countries / regions. This season, Shiseido WTA Finals will culminate in Shenzhen, offering a total prize pool of $ 14 million and commending the top singles and doubles players of the season. For more information on WTA, please visit www.wtatennis.com .

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