VNN Acquires Wisconsin Sports Network

28 October 2020

VNN, America's largest and fastest growing high school sports communication platform has acquired Wisconsin Sports Network (WSN), the WI-based media company and publisher of, the number one resource for high school sports information and content in the state of Wisconsin. The deal creates a new model of vertically-integrated coverage for the state's 85,000 student athletes and their 514 high schools from school to area to state to nation.

High-profile meets hyper-local

VNN's acquisition of WSN marries two of the fastest-growing types of content in the high school sports space; high-profile, which includes WSN's coverage of top highlights, top athletes, and top events relevant to large audiences, and hyper-local, the scores, stories, photos, and updates deeply engaging to one specific community and its residents published by schools using VNN's SportsHub platform. Together the two create a new kind of vertically-integrated sports network that provides a unique look at what the future of high school sports coverage may look like, including new stars being crowned through stories rising programmatically from school to conference to state, early ticket sales triggering film crew visits, and a general leveling of the playing field for small communities who often live in the shadow of their larger neighbors.

"Adding the Wisconsin Sports Network to our portfolio makes the entire experience of high school sports richer for parents, athletes, fans and athletic administrators in Wisconsin," said VNN CMO Romy Glazer. "Time is at a premium for the schools we work with, and this acquisition gives it more value than ever before. When you're making a commitment to celebrate the great things your athletes are doing, we want to do our part too."

The acquisition, VNN's 3rd in the past year after digital fundraising company RallyAroundUs and Washington's WPA Network, continues the company's collaborations with like-minded businesses and brands to connect community through sport. Notable partnerships include the "Stimulus Plan for High School Sports" with Chipotle, "Project Five" with former Minnesota Viking Chad Greenway and Twin Cities Orthopedics, HomeTown Ticketing, 8to18, BoxOut Sports, Arbiter, and the company's revenue sharing program which contributes $350k yearly on average to VNN network schools. 

About VNN 

VNN is America's largest and fastest growing high school sports communication platform. As the exclusive partner of over 15% of all US high school athletic communities, VNN connects the high school sports experience onto a single platform for 19-million passionate parents, athletes, fans, software providers, and athletic professionals across the country.

About Wisconsin Sports Network (WSN)

Over 85,000 student athletes participate in high school athletics in the state of Wisconsin every year. WSN, WISCONSIN SPORTS NETWORK, is an integrated publishing company with a focus on these student athletes, their communities, families, friends, fans and coaches. Founded in 2002, WSN has brought their audience a unique and highly popular variety of quality content, including stats, standings, schedules, rosters, and stats leaders for teams around the state as well as expert analysis through original content such as player rankings, conference and season previews, in-depth playoff breakdowns, and much more.