VICIS Launches Top-Rated ZERO2 Football Helmet

3 February 2021

VICIS, the leader in head protection technology, today announced the launch of the ZERO2, a groundbreaking new helmet from the engineering and design team behind the revolutionary ZERO1. A brand new look, lighter weight, and improved fit, the completely reimagined ZERO2 features an array of customization options to fit the unique needs of each athlete. The result is not only groundbreaking protection but a helmet that feels like no other.

The Virginia Tech University Helmet Lab has tested the ZERO2 and through their STAR HELMET RATING SYSTEM has awarded the ZERO2 the highest available "5 STAR" rating. The ZERO2 rated highest of all 25 helmets tested according to Virginia Tech's STAR methodology, which evaluates a helmet's ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from a range of head impacts a football player might experience on the field.

"The ZERO2 was designed in VICIS' Seattle-based SmashLab by a team of engineers committed to the continuation of VICIS founding mission of Protecting the Athlete," said Jason Neubauer, VP Product Development, VICIS.

Designed to reduce impact forces using a highly engineered structure, the ZERO2 is the only helmet that features a fully deformable outer shell designed to mitigate impacts before they reach the athlete's head. Optimized for the ZERO2, VICIS RFLX 2.0 continues to leverage buckling structures but has evolved with an array of columns interconnected by thin, flexible walls. The result is a lighter weight impact absorbing layer, without compromised performance.

Additional features include:

  • Reduced Weight: The ZERO2 is more than 15% lighter than its predecessor ZERO1.
  • Superior fit and comfort: DLTA pods deliver the new VICIS standard for customized comfort and a secure fit without air bladders. Interchangeable pods snap in and out of six locations, with five thicknesses available, resulting in upgraded comfort and improved durability.
  • Enhanced field of view: Optimized vertical and horizontal sightlines provide the athlete maximum situational awareness and elevated on-field visibility to perform at an elite level.
  • Aesthetic upgrades: The next level in helmet design from VICIS, the ZERO2 features a perforated outer shell and a streamlined new look.

"Thanks to the support of Innovatus Capital Partners, the Seattle-based Engineering team will continue to innovate and develop ground breaking new protective advancements," Neubauer said.

In 2020, VICIS was purchased by Innovatus Capital Partners, which retained VICIS' core team of engineers, product developers, and designers responsible for the revolutionary ZERO1 helmet. As a result of the acquisition, VICIS will be able to expand its manufacturing and distribution capabilities, helmet assembly and national distribution through a strategic relationship with Schutt Sports, part of Innovatus Capital Partners' portfolio. With its new strategic partnership and company structure, VICIS remains dedicated to providing further protection advancements to athletes of all ages and elevate the game we love.

Founded in 2013, VICIS' mission is to minimize the impact of sports-related head injuries. Purchased by Innovatus Capital Partners in 2020, VICIS is the leader in head protection technology and has been named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies. VICIS football helmets have consistently ranked first in both the NFL/NFLPA Helmet Performance Testing and Virginia Tech's Performance Testing, and the flagship ZERO1 helmet was named one of TIME Magazine's 25 Best Inventions. For more information, visit

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