9 June 2022

Fusion Sport, an established global leader in tracking, analyzing and optimizing human performance, today announced it has teamed up with Barker College, an elite private school on Sydney's North Shore.

The partnership brings Barker in line with some of the world's top sporting teams and organizations, including the Australian Institute of Sport, the NSW Waratahs, the LA Lakers and Arsenal Football Club, which use Fusion's landmark Smartabase software to optimize the performance of their athletes.

Like all Smartabase clients, Barker will configure the software, which aggregates, analyzes and visualizes player data. In Barker's case, the school will initially use Smartabase to optimize the performance of its rugby players before rolling the software out across its entire sporting program.

"We are excited to partner with Barker College, known for its prestigious rugby program and academic prowess," said Dr. Markus Deutsch, Fusion Sport's CEO and co-founder. "Helping schools like Barker achieve its human performance goals is a core part of Fusion's mission."

"Organizations that invest in their athletes see a return in player availability and performance, along with measurable improvement over time. Importantly, we believe that promising athletes who start their performance optimization journey as students will see improved results throughout their sporting careers," said Deutsch.

An industry leader since 2003, Fusion Sport delivers results with a human performance optimization software platform that brings a constellation of performance datapoints together in Smartabase, a single, intelligent, highly configurable ecosystem. According to Deutsch, the Smartabase platform is more configurable than any other product on the market, monitoring performance indicators including biometrics, mental well-being and risk of injury.

"Smartabase is a workflow and decision-support system that drives improvement in human performance," said Deutsch. "It pushes athletic departments to win by having players ready to perform at their best week-after-week, and it brings our customers into a global human performance community that is powering the industry forward."

Barker College joins other high performance and elite sporting organizations using the Smartabase human performance optimization solution including Ohio State University, Boston College, Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, Crystal Palace Football Club, Netherlands National Football, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Cycling Australia, Cycling Canada, Canadian Freestyle Ski, New Zealand Rugby, Australian Rugby and many more. 

About Fusion Sport
A global company founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 with international headquarters in Colorado and London, Fusion Sport is a global leader in using data to optimize human performance. The company's performance and analytics platform, Smartabase, is the source of truth for national sporting federations, Olympic committees, many of the world's highest-profile sporting teams, military research and operational wings, and performing arts organizations. For more information, visit

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